Henkatronics Technologies & Communications Systems is an emerging player in the ICT market whose robust technological innovations and experience, could be price guilt, if she doesn't trade her wealth of experience and knowledge against the ever increasing costs of technological revolution to help bridge the gap between those that can readily afford it at any cost, and those for whose needs such Technological advancements are design, but fall short of financial capabilities to acquire what is due to them. It is our desire to determine how best such growth can be harnessed to revolutionise Man's appreciation of life in the commercial, as well as community based environments for the betterment of life to all.

We envision becoming a competitive player in South Africa's Telecommunications Sector, bringing cost effective technologically advanced 'green' communications solutions, thereby reducing the costs of Telecommunications services to levels affordable by emerging SMME's as well as large scale entrepreneurs, thereby stimulating growth in the South African economy. Through research and development of superior PBX telephony systems and exceptional management software, we are able to reduce the number of zeros on a company's balance sheet, thereby reducing the cost of running a business, which in-turn stimulates growth in the industry.


Our aim is to assist clients, big and small, in reducing exorbitant telephony costs while maximising business productivity, through our highly trained, client friendly sales & technical staff with full management involvement to suite every profile of varying client needs, our slogan is "to continue to meet the needs of our clients with the highest level of professionalism and great sense of satisfaction."

The staff complement of our personnel enables us to create strong inter- personal relationships with all sectors of our clients ensuring an excellent understanding of each of our clients' specific needs, affording us the opportunity to provide the best possible solutions for their individual needs.

We understand that no two companies are the same, and as such we do not adopt a "one size fits all" approach, when it comes to tailor making the best possible configurations that meet the specific requirements of your business and provide comprehensive, customised telephony solutions.


Also the need to have your business assets protected, enable us to give you a classic installations of monitoring security systems, whose standards are comparable to nothing, as they are, the very best under the earth's surface.

Our Technicians constantly undergo re-fresher courses, to ensure all your office automations, such as: Fax-machines, Photocopiers, Printers, Cash-registers, etc. are constantly rumbling with life to give you many years of satisfaction, while you focus on your business growth. Come to us and you will not be disappointed.

P.O. Box 2137
Cape Town, South Africa

Photocopiers, PBX Systems, Fax Machines,
Scanners, Cash Registers, Electrical Wiring,
Office Machines, CCTV, Intercoms,
Access Automation

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